Our Project

The global art sector is a multi-billion dollar industry that is primed for development and we plan on becoming the flag bearer in revolutionizing this space. We at KeepCredible are working to modernizing the real world art industry through the integration of blockchain technologies. Primarily focusing on the integration of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) into conventional art markets to modernize the ownership of art, reduce theft and fraudulence, empower striving real world artists, and to connect fragmented art markets on a global platform.


Empowering Artists:

we are reducing barriers and costs for striving artists, while allowing them to showcase their work globally. 

Safety and Security 

Our principle of “One art – One token” reduces fraud and theft through dedicating a unique NFT to each original artwork.

Transparency in the Industry:

We are bringing transparency to the art industry through imprinting the ownership and sales of art on a publicly accessible blockchain.

Opening to new markets

Our clients can reach global markets with minimal barriers and fees through the unique benefits that blockchain technologies provide.

meet the Team

Luqmaan M.


Rohen K.


Siddiq M.


Micholas S.


Mohamed C.


Hemant S.

Marketing Manager

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